About Dan

Helping You Maximize Your Health Potential

Dan Horne, the owner of Baby Boomer Trainer, has over 25 years’ experience in personal training and human body movement to help you reach your individual goals. As a functional training expert and champion bodybuilder, he’s experienced the effects exercise has had on his mental and physical health.

Understanding how aging affects the body, he is on a mission to help people – and especially those 50 and older – who are ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Many of our clients want to improve their fitness, stop chronic pain, rehab from an injury, and more.

No matter your current fitness level, Dan has helped clients reach their goals through mobility and stability with strength training and core exercises. His nutrition coaching works together with the planned workout classes to help maximize health potential and results.

Your Functional Training Expert

Does your current fitness program include functional training? If not, it’s an important piece to add. A functional training workout helps make daily tasks easier to perform. It focuses on exercises like lunges, squats, push-ups, or deadlifts. These training movements help you build strength to squat and lift something off the floor, push a door open, lunge to tie your shoe, and more. Functional training also helps improve coordination and balance, which can help you avoid injury.

In short, functional training helps your body to work efficiently as one unit. To build strength and to help your muscles work together, these movements are taught with free weights and resistance bands instead of weight machines.

Dan is a certified functional training specialist and leads every class at Baby Boomers Trainer. Additionally, he is certified by and has won:

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Certified Functional Aging Specialist (FAI)
  • World Instructor Training School (WITS)
  • First Place at the Caveman Bodybuilding Contest (ages 41 and 42)

Exercise is Medicine

Dan’s philosophy is that exercise is medicine because it has healing properties for the mind, body, and spirit. He will work with you to develop a customized nutritional and fitness program that is designed to reduce body fat while improving core strength, posture, and stamina.

How's It Work?

When you join Baby Boomers Trainer, we will start with a free initial consultation and fitness screening where we will:

  • Assess Your Fitness – to evaluate your current strength, endurance, balance, and more
  • Get Answers – about your current fitness level and the steps to take for achieving your goals
  • Set Goals – and design your workout plan, so you get maximum results
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