Baby Boomers & Seniors Group Class Schedules

Weekday Morning Class

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

9am – 10am

Weekday Evening & Saturday Class

Monday / Wednesday

5:45pm – 6:45pm


9am – 10am

Push Yourself & Your Friends to Success

Are you ready to take charge of your fitness? Grab a few friends or come solo and check out our classes. We specialize in strength training for seniors and baby boomers by tailoring fitness programs to match your ability level.

Our classes are fun and affordable and focus on endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility, the key components to a healthy and independent lifestyle. No matter your ability or current fitness level, we are experienced and have a workout plan for you. Furthermore, a CERTIFIED FUNCTIONAL AGING SPECIALIST leads each class and customizes training based on individual goals – no matter if you’re in a group or private training environment.

private personal training

A Full Menu of Personal Training Classes

Work with Dan in private, semi-private, or group classes to take your fitness to the next level. We specialize in working with clients 50 years and older to increase strength, agility, balance, and more.

No matter your current ability, personal training is the most effective way to jump-start your fitness goals. We are sure that we have a class to fit your lifestyle. Furthermore, when you train with us, you will receive help to track your progress and accountability, so you reach your goals.

  • In-Home Personal Training. If you can’t make it to the gym, let us bring the gym to you! Workout in the comfort of your home with all the equipment needed for a well-rounded fitness program.
  • Private Personal Training. Work one-on-one with Dan to reach your personal fitness goals. Special attention will be paid to proper technique, and you will get motivation and feedback. Each session will challenge you to become your best self.
  • Semi-Private Personal Training. Receive all the benefits of training alongside your partner or best friends who can help push you toward your fitness goals. Even if you are at different fitness levels, each person works at their speed and has fun.
  • Weight Loss Training. Combine our structured personal workouts with our nutrition coaching to achieve weight loss. Our nutrition coaching can be added to any of our classes to maximize your workout results.
  • Strength Training. Get the benefits of strength training no matter your age. Specifically, strength training for seniors helps to improve bone density, posture, endurance, and much more.
  • Group Classes. If you find strength – and support and motivation – in numbers, our group classes are for you! The first 15 minutes of each group class begins with a warm-up before we dive into our 45 minute workout. We target stability, mobility, and strength – with emphasis on helping your body’s ankles, knees, and hips!

How’s It Work?

When you join Baby Boomers Trainer, we will start with a free initial consultation and fitness screening where we will:

  • Assess Your Fitness – to evaluate your current strength, endurance, balance, and more
  • Get Answers – about your current fitness level and the steps to take for achieving your goals
  • Set Goals – and design your workout plan, so you get maximum results
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