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I came to Dan after years of struggling with my weight. I was on medication for my cholesterol and blood pressure. I had to do something soon or my health would continue to decline. I came to Dan and he helped me set up a fitness and nutrition plan that catered to my goals. Within 3 months, I was able to stop taking my blood pressure medicine. After 10 months, I had lost 75 pounds and was able to come off of my cholesterol medication as well. I now have more confidence and more energy to do the things that I love.

A Positive Change Fitness will help you on this same journey to help you not only develop your own personalized goals, but to also develop a realistic plan to attain these goals. Dan stays on top of health trends with continued education to provide you with the safest and most accurate information in the industry.

“There is never an end goal. It is a journey through life.”

~ Karen K.

 susan-before-after I started working with Dan as my personal trainer in November of 2015. I had little gym experience and was way out of shape. I also had severe hip pain from a prior injury. Dan has done a phenomenal job with helping me get back into shape! I like the fact that he has a small, private facility. I have found his fitness studio to be a lot less intimidating.

I have lost 55 pounds and over 40 inches. I work in an appearance based industry and this has definitely given me a confidence boost. My agility and endurance have improved and I have been relieved of the hip pain. Working out has now become a motivational outlet and actually very enjoyable.

~ Susan B.

 lose-weight-before-and-after I made A Positive Change and it saved my life. Dan gave me the power over my own life and I now have the tools, the motivation, and support I need to continue living a healthy life. Less than a year ago my doctor told me that I would be put on medication to counter act the results of morbid obesity if I did not make a lifestyle change. I lost 85 pounds in 10 months! I lost 47.5 total inches and 9% body fat. But more importantly my starting blood pressure was 136/85 and is now 101/66.

~ Donna K.

 mike I have lost 38 lbs. and have reduced my blood pressure. My starting blood pressure was 142/83 and is now 123/70! My doctor said that I can reduce the dosage in my blood pressure medicine by one half. I feel better balanced, have more energy and am more alert. I am glad that I chose to invest in my health and that A Positive Change has guided the way. I have lost 33 total inches in 8 months / 5.4% body fat. My pulse rate was 83 and is now 56.

~ Mike F., CPA

 Karen Dan is a great motivator and coach. There is no magic pill. The magic is inside of us. The results aren’t all physical either. I feel better, stronger, have more energy, and a better attitude about the road to fitness.

~ Karen B.

 don I originally went to Dan to increase my fitness level in an attempt to improve a lower back disc condition which was affecting my quality of life. After only 4 months of Dan’s intensive core-focused exercise program, MRI results confirmed that the disc protrusion was no longer evident and in fact the space between the two vertebrae had increased to normal size. My orthopedic surgeon said it all, “Whatever it is you’re doing, just keep doing it. You have the spine of a man 10 years younger than you are!” What places Dan above the rest is how he works out an overall plan, aimed at fitness, flexibility, nutrition and attitude.

~ Doug W.

 *Individual results may vary.

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